CT Practice Group
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First 30 days free! $60/mo after that.
Cancel anytime through Teachable or just email us.

Want to join a supportive community to practice and experience CT?

The way to truly become proficient at something is to practice. With this monthly membership you can count on a community of excited people to practice the exercises from the 3-day CT online streaming video course, with expert guidance as you practice. The first month is completely free, so we hope you sign up for this month at least, to deepen your experience of CT. After the first month, keep practicing if you like, for the low price of $7.50/hour. The group will be a manageable size, with more assistants for a larger group. We’re guessing group size will range between 30-60 people.

With this membership you will:

  • Get Regular Practice with Core Transformation and Aligning Perceptual Positions:
    A skilled guide can achieve near 100% success at guiding a client through Core Transformation or Aligning Perceptual positions. Here you can get the regular practice necessary to master these skills.

  • Experience personal Transformation on a Weekly Basis:
    Not only will you get practice guiding others through Core Transformation and Aligning Perceptual Positions, you will also be guided through these process--giving you a place to bring your most important personal transformation goals each week. In the pilot program for this practice group, we conducted a research study of participants' experience with CT practice over 30 days. Participants in the study experienced major improvements (large effect-size changes) in Emotional Stability, Positive Affect, Negative Affect, and Global Wellbeing (replicating previous CT research, 2015, 2019). A new and exciting finding in this study was the robust changes in dimensions related to spirituality. Scores on "Connectedness," "Respect for differences," and "Being Comfortable with one's self" also showed large effect-size changes. There were also moderate effect-size reductions in symptom experience scores, (as measured by lowered scores of depression, anxiety, and stress on the DASS21 scale). The moderate (rather than large) effect size changes in these scores may be due to study participants starting out with relatively low scores in these areas. The findings from this study confirm our experience that Core Transformation goes far beyond mere symptom resolution and changing dysfunctional patterns, to facilitating wholeness and growth to one's fullest potential. Stay tuned, as we hope to publish these finding in a good journal.

  • Get the Experience Needed to Attend Advanced Core Transformation:
    Those of you who have attended the live 3-day Core Transformation training already know CT is incredibly powerful. But many of you have only experienced CT through the online streaming program (or DVD program, back when DVD's were a thing). If this is you, you likely haven't been able to experience these exercises yet. This practice membership group will give you a supportive arena to practice these exercises for the very first time, and also give you the experience you need to attend the Advanced CT training. (Every other month, we will practice all the CT processes that are pre-requisites for the Advanced CT training. In the intervening months, we will practice Aligning Perceptual Positions, and other useful exercises or variations that may or may not be a part of the 3-day CT training).

  • Learn With People Who Have Lots of Experience, as Well As Those Just Beginning:
    Being part of a learning community with varying levels of experience, provides a rich environment where those just starting out, can learn from those with more experience, and those with more experience can learn from those just starting out (Many times more experienced CT guides want more practice working with people without as much experience in CT, so they can practice how to guide someone with less experience of the process). Some people in this group have already practiced CT quite a lot, and maybe even attended the Advanced CT course. However, many of you will be completely new. If you're currently viewing, or you've just completed, the 3-day CT online streaming video course, perhaps you've never done a CT exercise yet and you're excited to have a supportive venue to practice this powerful process for the first time. Or maybe you've attended the live 3-day Core Transformation training, and you want more practice to deepen your experience of this process.

First 30 days free! ($60/mo. after that)

When you sign up for this CT practice membership group, your first 30 days are free! That’s because we want to be sure that you have a chance to practice each exercise from the 3-day CT streaming video course at least once. (If you haven’t practiced CT at all yet, you may want to sign up at the beginning of a “CT foundation” month, which happens every other month, see schedule below. However you’re welcome to sign up and participate at any time.

How the Online Practice Group will Work

The practice group will take place online through Zoom, where you’ll be able to see and hear everyone in the group, and get paired up to practice the exercises.

You don’t need to attend every session:
Given we have people from around the world, different people will have holidays at different times, so only attend the days you want to. Each practice group we will practice material you’ve already been trained in from watching or attending the CT 3-day training.

How each meeting will be run:
Each meeting we’ll begin with 1 person sharing their experience of CT briefly for 2-3 minutes. Then we will review the exercise for the day, and you will be paired up in Zoom’s “breakout rooms” to both guide, and be guided through the exercise. Mark Andreas, (and 1 assistant if the group is closer to 50 or 60 people), will circulate through the rooms to offer assistance. You can also “call for help,” and Mark will be able to join your room as soon as he’s available. We will also have time for Q & A, and discussion after the exercises
. We will record the portion of the meeting before and after the paired exercises, so if you have to miss a meeting, you can access the recording to learn from the discussion and Q & A each week.

*Note: In rare cases Mark will be teaching the CT Coach Cert training during this time, in which case another qualified CT coach will lead the session that week.

Facebook group:
Your membership includes access to a bonus facebook group where members can connect for additional practice, ask questions of the group, and share your experiences of Core Transformation with each other. If you have questions for Mark, bring those to the live practice groups on Zoom each week.

Online Practice Group Schedule

When: We meet on the first 4 Saturdays of each month. If there is a 5th Saturday on a month, we skip that Saturday.

Meeting time: 10:00am – 12pm Denver Time, first 4 Saturdays of Each Month

Where: Online using Zoom. Once you register, each month you will be emailed a zoom link to log in to practice for that month. Your first month is free, and you will be billed $60/month after that.

What: On “CT Foundation” months, we will practice all the CT exercises from the 3-day CT training. On “APP, PTR & More” months, we will practice Aligning Perceptual Positions, Parental Timeline Re-imprinting, and other useful exercises that may not be included in the 3-day CT training.


  • June: CT Exercises (Saturdays 20, 27)
  • July: CT Foundation (Saturdays 4, 11, 18, 25)
  • August: APP, PTR, & More (Saturdays 1, 8, 15, 22)
  • September: CT Foundation (Saturdays 5, 12, 19, 26)
  • October: APP, PTR, & More (Saturdays 3, 10, 17, 24)
  • November: CT Foundation (Saturdays 7, 14, 21, 28)
  • December: APP, PTR, & More (Saturdays 5, 12, 19, 26)

You are Eligible for this Practice Group if…

You have just begun watching the CT 3-day streaming training…

  • If this is you, wait to sign up for this practice group until we’re at the beginning of a “CT foundation” month, and be sure to watch the relevant section of the 3-day Core Transformation streaming video (or DVD) training before each Saturday practice. (When you register, you will be emailed what material will be practiced each Saturday so you can be sure to watch that portion of the training beforehand). This is a great way to support your learning with live practice as you make your way through the course.

You have already taken or watched the entire CT 3-day training…

Technical Requirements

To participate you’ll need access to the internet, and have a computer or laptop with a webcam. If you haven’t used Zoom before, we recommend you try it out with a friend to get familiar with it.

First 30 days free! $60/month after that. Cancel anytime through Teachable or just email us.

Upcoming trainings

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05sep10:00 amCore Transformation Coach Certification - Starts Sept 5, 2020

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Get the background you need to attend this Practice Group Membership:

There are two ways you can sign up for the life-changing 3-day Core Transformation training (pre-requisite to participating in this Practice Group Membership).


About Mark Andreas

Mark has taught Core Transformation in five states and six countries, having traveled as far as India, Romania, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Canada to teach Core Transformation. Mark has a Personal Change Coaching private practice in Boulder CO, helping people achieve life-goals and resolving limitations using NLP, Core Transformation, Metaphors of Movement, Wholeness Work, and other methods for personal transformation and development. Though Mark uses many personal change methods, Core Transformation is the single method he has used the most over the last decade, both with himself, and with clients—because of its profound effectiveness and ease of application to a wide range of life issues. Mark works with individuals both in person and over Skype and Zoom. Visit www.markandreas.com for more details.

Mark’s past experience includes having worked in wilderness therapy as a counselor/trip-leader for the Monarch Center for Family Healing where he was in charge of facilitating groups of “troubled” youth on a daily basis both in individual therapy and group process.

Mark’s most recent book, Waltzing with Wolverines: Finding Connection and Cooperation with Troubled Teens, offers a fresh and effective approach useful with teens and “kids of all ages.” In Mark’s unique style, this book teaches through stories and examples, making it a fun read.

Mark is also author of the book Sweet Fruit From The Bitter Tree: 61 Stories Of Creative And Compassionate Ways Out Of Conflict, endorsed by Dan Millman and William Ury. You can follow his blog here and learn more about his work on his website: www.markandreas.com.

“I wanted to personally tell you how much I appreciated your instruction. I wouldn’t mind taking the workshop again next weekend! There is no way to describe the feeling of surprise and delight in reaching a core state rapidly through a short verbal process—descending down the rabbit hole into an inner world of peace or oneness or love. Mark Andreas’ instruction was perfect. He was easy to follow and his manner compassionate. I would recommend the Core Transformation workshop to anyone!”
Participant, Austin TX

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