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Foreign Rights & Translation Rights

Contact Real People Press to inquire about rights to translate and publish any of our books in another language.

Real People Press Book List: Inquire with us about gaining rights to translate and publish the following titles:

  • Heart of the Mind
    by Connirae Andreas & Steve Andreas
  • Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within
    by Connirae Andreas & Tamara Andreas
  • Coming to Wholeness: How to Awaken and Live Life with Ease
    by Connirae Andreas
  • Transforming Your Self
    by Steve Andreas
  • Six Blind Elephants, Vols I & II
    by Steve Andreas
  • Virginia Satir: the Patterns of her Magic
    by Steve Andreas
  • Change Your Mind-And Keep the Change
    by Connirae Andreas & Steve Andreas
  • The Rainbow Machine
    by Andrew T. Austin
  • A Soprano on Her Head
    by Eloise Ristad
  • Waltzing with Wolverines: how to gain connection and cooperation with troubled teens
    by Mark Andreas
  • My Lessons with Kumi
    by Michael Colgrass
  • Solutions
    by Leslie Cameron-Bandler
  • The Emprint Method
    by Leslie Cameron-Bandler
  • Know How
    by Leslie Cameron-Bandler, et. al.
  • The Emotional Hostage
    by Leslie Cameron-Bandler, et. al.
  • Is There Life Before Death
    by Steve Andreas
  • Gestalt Therapy Verbatim
    by Frederick Perls
  • In and Out the Garbage Pail
    by Frederick Perls

Real People Press is the original publisher of the following titles, authored by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It is not possible to negotiate foreign rights agreements in new languages for these books. (All existing foreign rights contracts are honored.)

  • Frogs into Princes
  • Trance-Formations
  • Reframing
  • Using Your Brain - for a Change

Contact us if you want advice on which NLP books to publish and make available in your language.

Real People Press is the original publisher of the following titles, which are now out-of-print in the Real People Press English edition:

  • Notes to Myself
    by Hugh Prather
  • Person to Person
    by Carl Rodgers & Barry Stevens
  • Awareness
    by Steve Andreas (authored under his former name, John O. Stevens)
  • Don't Push the River
    by Barry Stevens
  • Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain
    by Al Chung Liang Huang

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